2014 ORANZ Presidents Report

//2014 ORANZ Presidents Report

2014 ORANZ Presidents Report


Presidents Report 2014

Thank you.  It’s been a privilege to work as a member of the ORANZ Executive for 2014, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow executive members on behalf of the sport for their support and assistance during the 2014 year, your willingness to balance work, family and your commitment to ORANZ is a credit to you all. To volunteer your time so generously, for the benefit of the Offroad racing community should not go unnoticed and I’m proud to have worked with you all.

I would like to especially thank Kim Jones our out going secretary for all the hours of work she has put in and we wish her all the best.

2014 has been a year of changes that I know some have found hard, these changes will make for safer and more streamlined events in the future with the tagging system for the race vehicles already improving the speed of safety checks and lifting the finishing rates at all Enduro events for 2014.  In 2015 we will see ORANZ move to a transponder-based lap scoring system at all national competition events a change that will also help to streamline events in the future.

The racing that I have seen throughout the country this year has been Hard, Fast and Fair with some very good competition in both Islands. The finals in Christchurch did not disappoint with hard racing for all the classes in attendance with all the class winners deserving of their titles and a new NZ1 in Owen Chang, well done to all those that competed throughout the year and I hope to see you all back on the track in 2015.

The 2015 year is looking to be a good one for racing with the Counties Classic series, The new track at Hampton Downs and a refurbished Meremere track in the North and the Christchurch club track in the South all offering good opportunities for summer racing, and the new NZ1000 taking place in Tokoroa alongside the National Competition we are set for an exciting year ahead.

Bring on 2015.

Paul Smith



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