#1 Dan Fisher and #110 Alex Bright bury #173 Nevil Basalaj in roost during heat racing. Photo by ColdArt Photography

The 2021 JG CIVIL New Zealand Offroad Racing Championship’s South Island racing commenced with ShortCourse racing at the Canterbury Offroad Racing Clubs track at West Melton on Saturday 10 April.

Racers from all parts of the South Island and a few from North Island arrived at the track with the common aim of getting the championship underway.

The Canterbury Offroad Racing Club had prepared the surface in advance of the race meeting with 170000 litres of water. Then the rain arrived in the morning before event. This was the extra splash of moisture that gave a bit more depth to the track.

#1 Dan Fisher had to back off the throttle in his first race of the day as the muddy surface quickly blocked his radiator and set the engines temperature spiking.  After leading for most of the race he crossed the finish line in second place. Dan went on to take the Class 1 lead in the championship with solid finishes in the remaining heat races.

In Class 3, Taranaki racer #333 Brendon Old came under serious attack by veteran racer and national champion #312 Wayne Moriarty. Brendon Old ran perfect races from the front and was never headed. While Wayne Moriarty battled to get the lead, his attack came undone when a con-rod exited his engine case. Brendon Old’s clean sweep in Class 3 delivered maximum points and the South Island series lead, that now matches the North Island series lead he holds before heading south. Brendon Old can now choose which series he prefers to collect championship points in.

Taupo racer #S43 Brian Rutgers has made the decision to contest the South Island series and on Saturday took the S Class lead in this competition. #S46 Bob Uttridge from Christchurch takes second place in the S Class Championship after a busy days racing that featured crossing the line with a flat tire resulting in two 2nd placed heat race finishes and a 1st place heat finish. This puts Bob in 2nd place in the S Class Championship.

Nelson father and son racers, #U91 Tony Terrell and #U81 Keegan Terrell, in U Class have dominated the local competition by finishing 1st and 2nd respectively in the U Class Championship.

#858 Bruce McKenzie touches down. Photo by Coldart Photography

#858 Bruce McKenzie dominates the Truck field and takes the Class 8 points lead into the championship.

#418 Steven Boyd goes straight to number 1 in the Class 4 rankings with a clean sweep of heat racing victories.

The championship in the South Island now moves to the forest in Nelson for an Endurance race that will put all classes together for a 250km enduro.

2021 JG CIVIL New Zealand Offroad Racing Championship – South Is. – Round 1
West Melton 10 April – host club: Canterbury Offroad Racing Club
Racer Number Driver Name Racing Class Round 1 Pts. Place in Class Place overall
MT1 Kadin Thomason M 72 1 1=
J97 Riley Parkes J 72 1 1=
1 Dan Fisher 1 69 1 7=
110 Alex Bright 1 64 2 12=
173 Nevil Basalaj 1 15 3 27=
312 Wayne Moriarty 3 32 3 23=
333 Brendon Old 3 72 1 1=
379 Joel Green 3 0 4 29
385 Dale McKenzie 3 58 2 15=
418 Steven Boyd 4 72 1 1=
436 Ian Simcox 4 32 2 23=
506 Tim Hanafin 5 52 1 19
514 Dale Strong 5 24 2 25
858 Bruce McKenzie 8 69 1 7=
844 Darrin Thomason 8 15 3 27=
847 Bryan Chang 8 18 2 25
924 Donald McMillan 9 72 1 1=
C24 Jorja Storer C 64 2 12=
C42 Brooke Storer C 58 3 13=
C69 Andrew Knight C 69 1 7=
U04 Charlotte Van der Meys U 56 3 17=
U81 Keegan Terrell U 64 2 12=
U91 Tony Terrell U 72 1 1=
S12 Slim Slee S 58 3 17=
S43 Brian Rutgers S 69 1 7=
S46 Bob Uttridge S 66 2 11
S51 Grant Dickson S 46 4 20
S68 Mark Davis S 44 5 21
S84 Gavin Stoner S 41 6 22

#S12 Slim Slee flys away from #S43 Brian Rutgers. Photo By ColdArt Photography