Class warfare – Nelson

//Class warfare – Nelson

Class warfare – Nelson

Within the championship are up to 15 classes catering for everything from $4,000 single-seat racers with tiny Volkswagen engines right up to the unlimited truck and race car classes where the top cars all carry price tags beyond $100,000.

Adding spice to the mix are two classes for ‘side by side’ or UTV racers. One of these, U class, is designed for drivers who are entering the sport: U class allows only safety modifications. The other, S class, allows freedoms in fuel capacity, engine power and suspension.

Finally, there are two classes for the younger set who are entering the sport in numbers. Kiwitruck J and M classes are based around tough tube frames with tiny truck bodies on them. Drivers can contest these classes until they are 15 years old.

For the championship, all classes are divided into northern and southern regions,

though drivers are allowed to switch islands and can potentially race all six regional rounds.

Youngs Automotive Ruff’n’Tuff entries to date 38

Class 1

Mike Fraser is the class points leader, making good on his long trip south from Albany to race at the opening round and taking away 65 points. Behind him in the points are no less than six Nelson club members: Dan Fisher, Alex Bright, Kevin Clive, Greg Winn, Nevil Basalaj and Jacob Brownlees.

104 Donald Preston
110 Alex Bright
112 Dan Fisher
116 Kevin Nankivell
133 Jacob Brownlees
173 Nevil Basalaj
180 Mike Fraser
190 Greg Winn
192 Ash Kelly

Class 3

Taranaki’s Brendon Old leads class three in his bright green single-seat car; Fergus Crabb, Joel Green and Brendon Midgely close behind. Having gone off in the enduro at the Mainland Challenge, Midgely will be keep to add to his points score and get back into class contention.

324 Brendon Midgley
333 Brendon Old
375 Grant Adamson
379 Joel Green
381 David Forsyth

4WD Bits class 4

A new presence in class four for sport trucks, Richie Ryder raced the Woodhill 100 north of Auckland in early June. His smartly-tyurned out truck is finishe din a tribute colour scheme recalling the heyday of American racer Ivan “Iron Man” Stewart.

464 Richie Ryder

Class 5

Hawkes Bay’s Todd Graham opens his southern points account at this round of the championship, and can grab a handy class lead – there were no class five cars at the opening round last month.

507 Todd Graham

4WD Bits class 8

The thunder comes downunder! Class 8 is the truck equivalent of class 1 – minimal rules, maximum excitement. Currently leading the class in an all-black V8 four wheel drive Toyota Hilux is Paul Preston of Otago.

Right behind him is multiple champion Bryan Chang in his Giti Tire backed Chev turbo; Nelson racer Cam Stratford is third on points in his impressive Ford Ranger V8. Two more Nelson club members have entered this round: Darrin Thomason makes his class 8 and Bruce McKenzie makes a welcome return to the sport. ORANZ pPresident Martin van der Wal rounds out the class 8 field.

800 Paul Preston
836 Cam Stratford
844 Darrin Thomason
847 Bryan Chang
858 Bruce McKenzie |
866 Martin van der Wal

Class 10

Class 10 for motorcycle-engined race cars has not been well represented in recent years but may be bouncing back, with John Hodgson entered for this round and set to scoop up good points.

1006 John Hodgson

JG Civil UTV Class U

The standard-class UTVs in the south are inexplicably light on the ground compared toi similar fields up north, but the racing is no less intense with Dyson Delahunty bringing his new single-seater Polaris down, no sign of class points leader James Dickson or second-placed Craig Plunkett and entries from Shane McWatt and Jamie McKinstry.

U31 Shane Mcwatt
U87 Dyson Delahunty
U90 Jamie McKinstry

JG Civil UTV Class S

Modified UTVs run well in the forest, being allowed turbocharging and other modifications and range-extending larger fuel tanks. Here, the big three brands do battle: Can Am, Polaris and Yamaha are all well represented among the eight-strong entry.

S12 Slim Slee
S16 Joel Giddy
S31 Andrew McFedries
S32 Ian Uli Cowan
S43 Brian Rutgers
S55 Brent McDonald
S66 Rick Field
S89 Trevor Cooper

Challenger VW

Sam Jury hammered his Challenger around the short course and was hammered in return by the huge rocks of the enduro at Mainland Challenge, winning the class. So far he is the sole entry in Challenger VW and stands to do well on this smoother, quicker course.

C16 Sam Jury

Kiwitruck youth category

Reeve Giddy brings his J-class Kiwitruck to the Nelson enduro ready to open his points tally for thre championship. He missed the opening round – but so did all the other J racers, so Reeve can potentially come away with the class points lead.

J81 Reeve Giddy

Harry Hodgson and Jack Brownlees renew their season-long rivalry in the quicker M class Kiwitrucks; currently Harry leads Jack 72 points to 63.

M12 Harry Hodgson
M23 Jack Brownlee

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