The Mickey Thompson New Zealand Stadium Offroad Championship 2021 – 13 February & 6 March 2021 – is now accepting Early Bird entries for the two events that make up the championship. The Early Bird discounted rates are available for a limited time. The first event, 13 February, moves to Standard Pricing on 21 November 2020 and the second event, 6 March, moves to Standard Pricing from 21 December.

This brand new championship is happening at the new racetrack that Counties Manukau Offroad Racing Club and Auckland Council have been working on for the last ten years. This inaugural National Championship title event has two 1 hour TV3 Sports shows scheduled to air on CRC Motorsport, two weeks after each of the championship events. These TV Shows are paid for by Mickey Thompson Tires, Lucas Oil, ENZED, Federal tires, Cooper Tires, Polaris, Yamaha and BSL Racing.

The funding supplied by our sponsors will also pay for TV advertising for the events and the strong promotion of the championship. At the moment, the only way to get more sponsor branding into this event is via your race vehicles and your pit presence. If you would like material to show your sponsor regarding this event, please email: event@stadiumoffroadnz.co.nz

Spectator tickets are available now, online, at https://www.eventfinda.co.nz/2021/mickey-thompson-new-zealand-stadium-offroad-champs-2021/auckland/manukau-city

The championship has its own website where you can find out a lot more about the event. You can find out about the racing format, the racing groups and our sponsors.

As entries roll in we will add the names and information about each racer to the website. We will also put links to the racers sponsors websites (if supplied). The Early Bird racers will get the longest time on the website, whereas the last minute entries might not get on the website at all.

Early Bird entries will also gain the advantage on the track, with the racing grids for the first heat assembled as the entries roll in. First entry received gets Pole Position, the second in the racing group gets the next position on the grid, etc. More information about the racing format is on our website www.stadiumoffroadnz.co.nz

*Download the Early Bird Entry Form from www.oranz.co.nz or www.stadiumoffroadnz.co.nz to compete in the 13 February Event by 20 November to save $57.50 off the Standard Entry fee. Use the Early Bird Entry Form for the 6 March Event by 21 December to save another $57.50 off the Standard Entry Fee for that event. That’s a combined saving of $115 on the entry fees for the Mickey Thompson New Zealand Stadium Offroad Championship 2021.