Spectacular unlimited-class offroad racing heads the programme at the final round of the national championship this weekend out at Crownthorpe

Held over two days on a massive farm, the event has attracted a field of 47 regular-class cars and nine of the sport’s youth-oriented Kiwitrucks. Headlining the grid is a ten-strong entry of the unlimited class race cars, the ‘big bangers’ of the sport.

National President Martin van der Wal says the finals are all about unrelenting battles for class honours and the overall national title. With a full day of short course racing on Saturday, spectators will see the fight develop across up to 11 classes; those who return for Sunday’s 250 km endurance race will see the champion crowned.

“We are very pleased with the turnout for the weekend, and the club has worked hard to create a fast, exciting course for both Saturday and Sunday.”

Most of the Hawkes Bay club members will be hard at work running the event but those contesting the event include the father-son combination of Dean and Todd Graham in classes three and five.

The 2019 New Zealand Offroad Racing National Championship finals will be raced off Matapiro Road, with the venue signposted from Fernhill. Spectator admission is $10 and racing starts at 10.30.


2019 New Zealand Offroad Racing National Championship

Entries as at 20 October


Class 1

101 Rob Ryan AORC
109 Alan Hilliam WORC
112 Dan Fisher NORC
151 Shaun Russell AORC
169 Paul Eayrs PNORC
170 Karl Fenton AORC (pictured)
173 Nevil Basalaj NORC
196 Justin Davies CMORC
197 Tony Attwood ATR
180/1nz Mike Fraser AORC
190 Greg Winn NORC

4WD Bits Class 2 production 4WD

250 Ron Crosby CORC

Class 3 for cars with engines up to 1.6-litres

307 Dean Graham HBORC
310 Connor Nicklin ATR
324 Brendon Midgley ATR
333 Brendon Old TORC
357 Fergus Crabb ATR
377 Mike Gibson AORC
379 Joel Green OORC
398 Kevin Cooper MCORC

Class 5 for cars with engines up to 1.3-litres

507 Todd Graham HBORC
517 Nick Magness ATR
555 Ben Howard AORC

4WD Bits class 6

697 Warren Adams AORC

Class 7 VW 1200 (and specified small water cooled engines)

751 Keegan Russell ATR
789 Boston Morgan-Horan ATR

4WD Bits class 8

861 Nick Hall CMORC

875 Eric Teers [club] 893 Malcolm Langley WORRC

Class nine Baja

924 Donald McMillan OORC
952 Barry Phillips OORC

Class 10 (motorcycle engine)

1005 Neil Hook WORRC

JG Civil S class UTVs

S16 Joel Giddy ATR
S22 Carl Ruiterman CMORC
S17 Nathan Moore WORRC
S43 Brian Rutgers TORC
S57 Glenn Turvey AORC
S88 Mike Small [club] S89 Trevor Cooper NORC

JG Civil U class UTVs

U14 Dion Edgecombe WORRC
U31 Shane McWatt ATR
U36 Leigh Bishop CMORC
U66 Roger McKay AORC
U72 Scott Mitchell CMORC
U83 Scott Munro CMORC
U87 Dyson Delahunty WORRC

Kiwitruck youth category

J34 Tanner Willetts ATR/AORC
J51 Holly Russell ATR
J54 Lucy McKay [club] J81 Reeve Giddy ATR
J95 Arron Crabb ATR
J150 Asher Morgan ATR

M12/1nz Harry Hodgson AORC/ATR
M23/2nz Jack Brownlees NORC

M36 Matthew Bishop ATR

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