Sponsor decal compliance

//Sponsor decal compliance

Sponsor decal compliance

Important notice to competitors in the 2017 Polaris New Zealand Offroad
Racing Championship

All racers must carry the championship, associate and class sponsors on
their vehicles in the approved positions at every round of the championship
and at other events sanctioned by ORANZ.


Sponsors are investing in our sport and their contribution helps us run the
championship. Part of the value we offer to them is branding on vehicles.
For this reason scrutineers will be briefed for the coming rounds to take a
hard line on decal compliance: no decal, no race. Decals applied in wrong
locations without approval, no race.

Some racers appear to have removed their decals after the opening rounds;
these will be replaced at the next scrutineering (Woodhill or Mainland
Challenge) and must remain on the vehicle for the rest of the season.

Subsequent supply of any of the class, associate or championship sponsor
decals will be on a ‘pay’ basis, costed at $5 per decal.

Mark Baker
Director, Veritas Communications Limited

Media and Sponsorship Manager

2017 ORANZ Polaris New Zealand Offroad Racing Championship

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