2022 ORANZ National Points for North Island Points scroll down
The best three rounds, being one short course, one enduro and one other, determine the Finals points
Palmerston North Short Course (NI)Nelson Enduro (SI)Woodhill (Auckland) Enduro (NI)Christchurch Short Course (SI)Christchurch Enduro (SI)Waikato Short Course (NI)
Class 1Car #NameRND1RND2RND3RND4RND5RND6TotalClass PLOverAll PLClass PointsBonusFinals points
1Dan Fisher66662
107Todd Graham3338711
116Kevin Nankivell20209
118Daniel Powell32327
144Brad Harvey62624
157Tony McCall65653
169Paul Eayrs58585
178Donn Attwood54546
182Tim Ackers21218
189Trevor Cooper121210
197Tony Attwood0011
Class 3Car #NameRND1RND2RND3RND4RND5RND6TotalClass PLOverAll PLClass PointsBonusFinals points
310Connor Nicklin6426901
333Brendon Old7218901
341Andrew Green26265
353Braden Hill006
375Grant Adamson44444
383Peter May5414683
385Dale McKenzie006
398Kevin Cooper006
Class 4Car #NameRND1RND2RND3RND4RND5RND6TotalClass PLOverAll PLClass PointsBonusFinals points
450Jess Fairclough5426801
Class 5Car #NameRND1RND2RND3RND4RND5RND6TotalClass PLOverAll PLClass PointsBonusFinals points
514Dale Strong20204
533Daniel Rusbatch26263
551Holly Russell66662
580Alister Manning70701
Class 8Car #NameRND1RND2RND3RND4RND5RND6TotalClass PLOverAll PLClass PointsBonusFinal Points
810Arlene Frost18187
822Paul Hackett72721
826Shayne Huxtable2730573
841Ricky May41414
844Darrin Thomason14149
863Leigh Bishop5812702
866Martin van Der Wal380385
887Nick Leahy14148
893Malcolm Langley38386
898Grant Rosenberg0010
Class 9Car #NameRND1RND2RND3RND4RND5RND6TotalClass PLOverAll PLClass PointsBonusFinal Points
900Maurice Bain26262
966Arnold Jones72721
Class 10Car #NameRND1RND2RND3RND4RND5RND6TotalClass PLOverAll PLClass PointsBonusFinal Points
1006John Hodgson28282
1011Ed Hiestand54541
Class CCar #NameRND1RND2RND3RND4RND5RND6TotalClass PLOverAll PLClass PointsBonusFinal Points
C04Steve Hughes28283
C32Martin Jesson26264
C44Leroy Force48482
C63Matthew Bishop72721
Class UCar #NameRND1RND2RND3RND4RND5RND6TotalClass PLOverAll PLClass PointsBonusFinal Points
U07Wayne Spicer4310535
U08Sean Dunn37376
U13Ben MacArthur5232842
U22Carl Ruiterman72541261
U29Michael Green14148
U31Shane Watts101010
U33Phillip Johnston6611
U63Matthew Bishop0011
U66Roger McKay62623
U72Scott Mitchell548623
U77William Geuze29297
U81Keegan Terrell12129
U83Scott Munro0011
Class SCar #NameRND1RND2RND3RND4RND5RND6TotalClass PLOverAll PLClass PointsBonusFinal Points
S12Slim Slee12125
S13Blake Speirs66341002
S16Joel Giddy54721261
S26Brodie Anderson40404
S43Brian Rutgers56563
S68Mark Davis008
S75Aaron Rogers10106
S84Gavin Storer887
Class MCar #NameRND1RND2RND3RND4RND5RND6TotalClass PLOverAll PLClass PointsBonusFinal Points
M06Kenna Baker62622
M97Riley Parkes72721
Class MTCar #NameRND1RND2RND3RND4RND5RND6TotalClass PLOverAll PLClass PointsBonusFinal Points
MT1Kadin Thomason72721
Class STCar #NameRND1RND2RND3RND4RND5RND6TotalClass PLOverAll PLClass PointsBonusFinal Points
ST1Holly Russell54541
ST3Reeve Giddy48482
ST10Enzo Hackett003
2022 ORANZ North Island Points (These points only go towards North Island Trophies)
Palmerston North Short Course (NI)Woodhill (Auckland) Enduro (NI)Waikato Short Course (NI)
Class 1Car #NameNIRND1NIRND2NIRND3Total NIClass PLOverAll PL
107Todd Graham33335
144Brad Harvey62622
157Tony McCall65651
169Paul Eayrs58583
178Donn Attwood54544
182Tim Ackers21216
Class 3Car #NameNIRND1NIRND2NIRND3Total NIClass PLOverAll PL
310Connor Nicklin64642
333Brendon Old72721
341Andrew Green26264
383Peter May54543
Class 4Car #NameNIRND1NIRND2NIRND3Total NIClass PLOverAll PL
450Jess Fairclough54541
Class 5Car #NameNIRND1NIRND2NIRND3Total NIClass PLOverAll PL
551Holly Russell66662
580Alister Manning70701
Class 8Car #NameNIRND1NIRND2NIRND3Total NIClass PLOverAll PL
822Paul Hackett72721
826Shayne Huxtable27275
841Ricky May41413
863Leigh Bishop58582
866Martin van Der Wal38384
887Nick Leahy14146
Class 9Car #NameNIRND1NIRND2NIRND3Total NIClass PLOverAll PL
966Arnold Jones72721
Class 10Car #NameRND1NIRND2NIRND3Total NIClass PLOverAll PL
1011Ed Hiestand54541
Class CCar #NameNIRND1NIRND2NIRND3Total NIClass PLOverAll PL
C04Steve Hughes28283
C44Leroy Force48482
C63Matthew Bishop72721
Class UCar #NameNIRND1NIRND2NIRND3Total NIClass PLOverAll PL
U07Wayne Spicer43435
U08Sean Dunn37376
U13Ben MacArthur52524
U22Carl Ruiterman72721
U31Shane Watts10108
U66Roger McKay62622
U72Scott Mitchell54543
U77William Geuze29297
Class SCar #NameNIRND1NIRND2NIRND3Total NIClass PLOverAll PL
S13Blake Speirs66661
S16Joel Giddy54542
Class STCar #NameNIRND1NIRND2NIRND3Total NIClass PLOverAll PL
ST1Holly Russell54541
ST3Reeve Giddy48482
ST10Enzo Hackett003